Sexual Harassment in the Workplace



The big sexual harassment cases hit the news, but workplace harassment may be more common than we think. One shoulder rub too many, a manager repeatedly asking a contract employee on a date and adds there may be a permanent position opening soon, and may bring a charge of sexual harassment.

As an owner or manager, what are you doing to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in your workplace?”

How can MaxLife assist you?

Through training and education provided by MaxLife, your leaders, managers and employees are able to identify and, in many cases, prevent workplace harassment. We provide training tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

- The average cost an employer faces to defend a sexual harassment lawsuit may be as high as $150,000.

- Prevention through training is the best protection against finding your organization in a position similar to one of the  above cases.

- Sexual harassment is a federal legal matter and our legal partner provides guidance for these workshops.

While each state has its own laws regarding workplace sexual harassment prevention training, the Supreme Court's landmark decisions in the 1998 Faragher and Ellerth sexual harassment cases and EEOC Guidelines make it clear that sexual harassment training is essential. To raise a defense or avoid punitive damages in sexual harassment lawsuits, employers need to show that they exercised reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct harassing behavior, ie judiciously train all employees to prevent and understand sexual harassment (

In Maryland, where MaxLife is based, the Maryland Commission on Human Relations encourages employers to take steps to prevent sexual harassment. On its Web site, the agency states that “in deciding the outcome of a sexual harassment case, the Maryland Commission on Human Relations will favorably consider the preventative steps the employer has taken. To reduce exposure to charges of sexual harassment, all employers should make staff aware of personnel policies and train staff to recognize and avoid sexual harassment” (

Topics of MaxLife’s Sexual Harassment Prevention training include:

Sexual harassment prevention for employees

How workplace harassment impacts the entire company

Legal definitions of sexual harassment

Recognize inappropriate behavior both on and off company property

Handling inappropriate conduct

Review or develop your harassment prevention policy