Diversity and Inclusion

"We need to make diversity management a routine business practice, a pattern of behavior."

Roger Wheeler, Chief Tax Officer, General Motors Corp


Workplace diversity inches closer to becoming a business necessity as workforce demographics shift and global markets emerge. Diversity as a concept focuses on a broader set of qualities than race and gender. In the context of the workplace, valuing diversity means creating an inclusive workplace that respects and includes differences, recognizes and values the unique contributions that individuals with many types of differences can make, thus creating a work environment that maximizes the potential of all employees. Working with and managing diversity in ways that are meaningful, productive and empowering for individuals and organizations continues to be a challenge.

What does MaxLife offer in this area?
Diversity refers to many differences among people (stakeholders, employees, clients and communities) and inclusion is about the acceptance, integration and celebration of these differences. Thus, MaxLife’s diversity and inclusion training is an essential part of building awareness and a cohesive work environment. Our training challenges ingrained biases and is a primary driver of change in organizational culture. It aims at shifting mindsets by encouraging and facilitating the following pertinent questions:

  • How can organizations and individuals best use and benefit form the diversity that exist in and around them?
  • What can leaders, stakeholders and individual members of an organization do to harness diversity into an opportunity of growth?

MaxLife's Program: Creating a Culture of Inclusion
“Creating a Culture of Inclusion” is a comprehensive training solution that covers three key elements of diversity: awareness, understanding and action. Through thoughtful and reflective dialogue, “Creating a Culture of Inclusion” helps participants develop pertinent knowledge, skills and competencies to become more successful in an environment that is rapidly becoming diverse and global. The purpose of this training is to increase awareness of workplace diversity and to develop and enhance skills among employees to help them interact and communicate more profoundly in the future. 


Why MaxLife's Diversity and Inclusion Program?

Diversity and inclusion is a topic that may potentially generate resistance from learners. We recognize that certain individuals or groups within an organization may be resistant to change because they perceive a diversity initiative as a direct threat to their role, status and power. In other words, getting people to open up to the topic of diversity may be challenging. Hence, at Maxlife, our focus is the empowerment of each individual. We understand that when individuals feel empowered, they are most productive. We achieve this by providing a safe, secure learning environment in which learners believe they can make a positive contribution to the culture and climate of the organization; assisting learners in examining their spheres of influence and where they can make an immediate impact, personally and professionally and; helping learners see the value in developing a skill set for enhancing their interpersonal communication abilities rather than having their values and beliefs called into question.

Additional Diversity and Inclusion Training Topics

Developing a Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

Conflict Resolution in a Diverse Workplace

Unconscious and Conscious Bias

Developing Culturally Competent Leaders

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Generations in the Workplace

Managing a Changing Workforce

Power of Micromessaging-Small Things Do Matter in the Workplace

The Business Case for Diversity