What Clients Say about Maxlife


I am an almost 25 year teaching veteran of Washington County Public Schools and feel like I have seen it all when it comes to education.  As the lead elementary media specialist, I have been to more professional development opportunities than I can count, and to be honest, I am hard to impress.  I attend professional development to stay current with trends in education, but to quote a frequently used phrase, “It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.”, and I am an old dog for sure.  When you came in and asked what we thought when we were told we were going to have a 2 hour training on diversity, I told you honestly that I thought, here I go again with another training that isn’t going to mean anything to me, it is going to be a waste of my time when I have so much meaningful to do.  Boy was I wrong.

I have to say that in my 23+ years in the county, I have never been as engaged as I was during your training.  In my opinion it ended too soon, and I wanted the dialog and discussion to keep going.  My brain was activated to so many different things and was really just lighting up with so many ideas and questions that I wished we had another 2 hours. I left thinking about how I had engaged students over the past years, had I really been thinking about their culture, and respecting the diversity of all my students? I reflected on my practices and made changes to my teaching style, and that is what professional development is supposed to do.

Thank you for taking the time to make an open and engaging environment for discussion and learning that made me stop and think about diversity in my program and how to provide quality instruction to all children. 

Pamela R., NBCT, Lead Elementary Library Media Specialist for WCPS
National Board Certified Teacher of Library Sciences, Washington County Teacher of the Year 2001


"MaxLife's, Toni Bowie and Sukanya Bora, bring an energy to the room and instantly build an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect (like they are old friends) that enables workshop participants to share and be self-reflective without fear of judgment. This creates an opportunity for every participant and the group as a whole to reflect on how to build cohesion and promote respectful camaraderie in a diverse team environment."

Laura F./Terri B. Executive Director of HR/Coordinator of Human Capital: ESP, A&S, and Employee Relations, Washington County Public Schools


“MaxLife has worked with Frederick Community College on several projects including curriculum development and instructional services. They are wonderful partners who are easy to work with and keep client needs and training outcomes as their top priority. They bring an outstanding level of professionalism, experience and quality to every project.”

Patricia M. Executive Director of Workforce Training & Stephanie H. Business Development Manager, Frederick Community College

"You did an amazing job.  I have never rated a seminar this high before but the way you covered a very challenging topic was masterful. I was very proud to oversee the graduation of our first group of graduates. I have received nothing but positive feedback from all attendees.  Looking forward to working with you for many years to come. Thanks!"

Randall S. President & CEO, WLR Automotive Group, Inc.


"MaxLife has conducted many classes for us over the past 5 years. Because of their breadth and depth of knowledge, the ease in working with them and the way our course participants connect with them, when we have a need, we contact MaxLife to check capability and availability. "

Daphnie F. Employment and Readiness Program Manager